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English 1982」のタグがついている新着記事と人気記事をまとめました。エキサイトブログにはEnglish 1982に関連するブログ(日記、記録、写真、レビュー、噂、まとめ)がたくさん投稿されています。

「English 1982」タグの記事(2)

  1. Catch-up Diary 1982(36) - my life with Glenn Gould ( グレン・グールド)

    Catch-up Diary 1982(36)

    NovemberPeople are really egoistic things. Several months ago I thought I would be happy if only I could daily practice the piano. I got my long-coveted visa. Even that Gould spoke to me. Even thou...

  2. Golden Ball, 1982(37) - my life with Glenn Gould ( グレン・グールド)

    Golden Ball, 1982(37)

    There is one more reason why I continued playing the piano after Gould’s death. In the winter of my sixteenth year I suffered such physical pains that I could not even take a moment’s sleep. My fac...

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