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  2. はじめに / Introduction - Seeking Light - 光を探して。。。

    はじめに / Introduction

    JA/EN写真、写真のこと、カメラのことを中心に、その他アート、音楽、映画等々、綴っていきたいと思います。カメラはNikon D750、Sony RX100M3. カール・ツァイスのレンズ愛用中。アメリカ在住I write about photography and the arts, including music, films etc...My camera is Nikon D750 ...

  3. Sleeve that will provide great protection - Gaugesflangenew

    Sleeve that will provide gr...

    Scratches happen when you place the device on a table during use, the only way to avoid this is to invest in protection that will allow your case to get scratched instead of ruining the iPad. If a ...

  4. The properties of herbs are perfectly natural - Pressuregaugesale

    The properties of herbs are...

    Herbs have been used since ancient times for curing various disorders and diseases, these have been found very effective in dealing with problems like hypertension or high blood pressure too. Thes...

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