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  1. Shadows Getting Shorter - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Shadows Getting Shorter

    After the middle of February, spring seems to be around the corner.The shadows that were very long at the end of the year seem to be shortened a bit.It is still cold, but the sunshine tells the arr...

  2. 黄昏時に踊る青と赤、たまに黄色 - Soul Eyes


    123456冬の夕方、低い軌道で室内に入って来る光はとても印象的です。外に出て撮影する元気がないときは、そんな光蜥蜴は実にありがたい被写体です。自宅で青と赤、そして黄色の光蜥蜴を撮ってみました。愛知県みよし市三好ケ丘にてLUMIX DMC-GX7MK2Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 ASPHにほんブログ村心象風景写真 ブログランキングへ

  3. Tears In Rain - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Tears In Rain

    "Tears in rain" is the famous monologue in the film "Blade Runner" (1982). At the very last scene, Roy Batty, one of the replicants who's longevity is only 4 years, deliver...

  4. 古き市役所に棲む光蜥蜴 - Soul Eyes



  5. A Harbinger Of Spring - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    A Harbinger Of Spring

    Plum blossom tells the advent of spring.On average it starts to bloom around the day of Risshun (Beginning of spring).Following the plum blossom, the Mokuren magnolia blooms around the spring equin...

  6. なんばパークス - 音舞来歩(IN MY LIFE)


  7. Falling In Love With The Light - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Falling In Love With The Light

    In the dark winter, we fall in love with the light.I want to turn my face to the sunlight of the window side.But as the summer is coming, I want to turn my face from a dazzling light.It may be inst...

  8. 映り込み - 音舞来歩(IN MY LIFE)


  9. 冬が終わる日の紅梅 - Soul Eyes


    1234昨日は節分・・・冬と春を分ける日です。豊田市の平芝梅林公園に行ってみたら、紅梅が少し開花し始めていました。そして今日は立春です。冬が終わって春が始まるのを実感します。豊田市平芝町5丁目平芝梅林公園にてLUMIX DMC-GX7MK2Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 ASPHにほんブログ村心象風景写真 ブログランキングへ

  10. Rainy Days And Mondays - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Rainy Days And Mondays

    It is Monday today, and rained early in the morning.In addition, it is the 36th anniversary that Karen Anne Carpenter passed away.When I was young, I was listening to and playing only Jazz, but Car...

  11. May All Cats Can Find Their New Home - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    May All Cats Can Find Their...

    It is the 1st Saturday of February today, so it is the cat adoption day for the community cats club I belong to.A miracle happened on the January adoption day.All of 16 cats that joined the adopti...

  12. Not Practical, But Precious - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Not Practical, But Precious

    Every time we go abroad, we buy thimbles as souvenirs.My wife once said these thimbles were not practical.But each thimble reminds us the pleasant memory of the place we bought, so they are very pr...

  13. Old Merchants' Virtue - Not Borrowing Money - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Old Merchants' Virtue ...

    The pronunciation of Karin (Chinese Quince) is the same as "Karin" (not borrowing) in West Japan accents.Planting Karin 's tree in front of a house was prevalent among old Japanese m...

  14. Cloudy Dusk That Is Not Very Cold - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Cloudy Dusk That Is Not Ver...

    The twilight of the winter with lots of clouds sometimes look very cold.But in reality, it is often not cold.I wonder the clouds might play play the role of a blanket to prevent the dissipation of ...

  15. Black And White Films Are Standing By - SILENT SOLILOQUY

    Black And White Films Are S...

    Recently very few camera shops stock black and white films, therefore I decided to buy them regularly on the net.At the end of last year I bought a lot, so now I have plenty of inventory like this....

  16. 十日戎・・② - 音舞来歩(IN MY LIFE)


  17. 続く道 - 音舞来歩(IN MY LIFE)


  18. 元旦の日の出 - 音舞来歩(IN MY LIFE)



  19. 家路を急ぐ光蜥蜴 - Soul Eyes



  20. 通路のアート - 音舞来歩(IN MY LIFE)


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