1. Anaconda virtual environment doesn't work - 学び野郎の備忘録

    Anaconda virtual environmen...

    I don't know why, but I can't make Anaconda virtual environment though I can make virtual environment of pyenv and vitualenv (anaconda is much better to use easily).While I was using previous linux...

  2. Auto Mount HDD - 学び野郎の備忘録

    Auto Mount HDD

    After connecting hard disk drive (HDD), you would probably like to mount it automatically.You can check the disk information you would like to mount from "Disk" application.I have 320GB extra HDD, ...

  3. Enable chrome remote desktop - 学び野郎の備忘録

    Enable chrome remote desktop

    To enable chrome remote desktop, first install "chrome remote desktop" application from chrome store of Google Chrome.Then, install deb packages from "

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