1. Hacksaw Ridge (PART 1) - デンマンの書きたい放題

    Hacksaw Ridge (PART 1)

     Hacksaw Ridge (PART 1) (hacksaw6b.jpg)(hacksaw8.jpg)(hacksaw4.jpg)(vanc910.jpg) Subject:Wow! What a lovely summer day!You must be sunbathing with joy!Ha ha ha ha ha...(engbay03.jpg)...

  2. Hacksaw Ridge  (PART 2) - デンマンの書きたい放題

    Hacksaw Ridge (PART 2)

     Hacksaw Ridge (PART 2)【Himiko's Monologue】(himiko22.gif)Kato has watched 1,712 movies at the Vancouver Public Library so far.When I take a look at the above movie list, I notice a film called...

  3. Hiroshima - the place for praying - (続)風に吹かれ,風に乗って・・・.Floating On The Wind

    Hiroshima - the place for p...

    In the middle of June 2017, Kyoho Grapes were rapidly growing. Every year, I feel happy and comfortable to see them grow. Various tones of green.... So beautiful.Flowers and egg plants in my own ga...

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