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  1. The Yamazaki's tastes have almost been back this time! - SONGS

    The Yamazaki's tastes have ...

  2. Live to eat? or Eat to live? at Sanbo Kojin SM Southmall (for Maricel's B-day & Miyuki's graduation) - SONGS

    Live to eat? or Eat to live...

    ▲Taken with Gemini MC Auto 28mm f2.8 (PKA) + Pentax K200D▲Taken with Panasonic DMC-LX3▲Photo provided by Maricel (taken with Samsung J5)

  3. In a traffic - SONGS

    In a traffic

  4. Town - SONGS


  5. Roadside Flowers - SONGS

    Roadside Flowers

  6. Daughter - SONGS


  7. Son - SONGS


  8. Cosinon Auto 50mm f1.8 Music - SONGS

    Cosinon Auto 50mm f1.8 Music

  9. A shaded flower - SONGS

    A shaded flower

  10. Saturday Morning - SONGS

    Saturday Morning

  11. The narrow path - SONGS

    The narrow path

  12. At Manila - SONGS

    At Manila

  13. Yukihito's concern was a piece of cheese pizza only then - SONGS

    Yukihito's concern was a pi...

  14. Miyuki's scouted to pass a talent audition for Bonakid Pre-Schoool 3+ daw! - SONGS

    Miyuki's scouted to pass a ...

  15. Abandoned or not abandoned? - SONGS

    Abandoned or not abandoned?

  16. Morning Music with Auto Sunset 35mm f2.8 - SONGS

    Morning Music with Auto Sun...

  17. Burning heat - SONGS

    Burning heat

  18. The morning sun on Alabang Starmall - SONGS

    The morning sun on Alabang ...

  19. Around dusk - SONGS

    Around dusk

  20. Shinjuku Saboten BGC's taste was back! - SONGS

    Shinjuku Saboten BGC's tast...

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