1. 2006【COLDPLAY】Parachutes - my music tunes list


    1. Don't Panic 2. Shiver 3. Spies 4. Sparks 5. Yellow 6. Trouble 7. Parachutes 8. High Speed 9. We Never Change 10. Everything's Not Lost

  2. 2008【COLDPLAY】Viva La Vida - my music tunes list

    2008【COLDPLAY】Viva La Vida

    1Life In Technicolor2Cemeteries Of London3Lost!4425Lovers In Japan6Yes7Viva La Vida8Violet Hill9Strawberry Swing10Death And All His Friends

  3. 1997【THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS】Dig Your Own Hole - my music tunes list


    1.Block Rockin' Beats2.Dig Your Own Hole3.Elektrobank4.Piku5.Setting Sun(featuring Noel Gallagher)6.It Doesn't Matter7.Don't Stop the Rock8.Get Up on It Like This9.Lost in the K-Hole...

  4. 2006【KT TUNSTALL】Eye to the Telescope - my music tunes list

    2006【KT TUNSTALL】Eye to the...

    1."Other Side of the World"KT Tunstall, Martin Terefe3:342."Another Place to Fall"Tunstall4:113."Under the Weather"Tunstall, Tommy D3:374."Black Horse and the Che...

  5. 2003【The Music】STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - my music tunes list

    2003【The Music】STRENGTH IN ...

    1曲目の「STRENGTH IN NUMBERS」だけ入手している。この頃は好きな曲しかiTunesに入れない主義だったかも

  6. 2002【The Music】The Music - my music tunes list

    2002【The Music】The Music

    1. The Dance 2. Take The Long Road And Walk It 3. Human 4. The Truth Is No Words 5. Float 6. Turn Out The Light 7. The People 8. Getaway 9. Disco 10. Too High

  7. 2007【Mika】Life in Cartoon Motion - my music tunes list

    2007【Mika】Life in Cartoon M...

    1. Grace Kelly 2. Lollipop 3. My Interpretation 4. Love Today 5. Relax (Take It Easy) 6. Ring Ring 7. Any Other World 8. Billy Brown 9. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) 10. Stuck In The Midd...

  8. 1975【Queen】Bohemian Rhapsody - my music tunes list

    1975【Queen】Bohemian Rhapsody

  9. 2004【THE KINKS】The Singles Collection - my music tunes list

    2004【THE KINKS】The Singles ...

    キンクスが1964年にデビューしてから70年までにリリースしたほぼ全てのシングルを網羅したコンピ。1 Long Tall Sally (64年全英--全米--)2 You Still Want Me (64年全英--全米--)3 You Really Got Me (64年全英1位全米7位)4 All Day And All Of The Night (64年全英2位全米7位)5 Tired...

  10. 1986【KATE BUSH】THE WHOLE STORY - my music tunes list


    1Wuthering Heights (New Vocal) 2Cloudbusting3The Man With The Child In His Eyes 4Breathing 5Wow 6Hounds Of Love 7Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 8Army Dreamers 9Sat In Your Lap 10Experiment ...

  11. 2008【Coldplay】Viva La Vida - my music tunes list

    2008【Coldplay】Viva La Vida

    1Life In Technicolor2Cemeteries Of London3Lost!4425Lovers In Japan6Yes7Viva La Vida8Violet Hill9Strawberry Swing10Death And All His Friends

  12. 2000【Coldplay】Parachutes - my music tunes list


    1. Don't Panic2. Shiver3. Spies4. Sparks5. Yellow6. Trouble7. Parachutes8. High Speed9. We Never Change10. Everything's Not Lost

  13. 2014【U2】Songs of Innocence - my music tunes list

    2014【U2】Songs of Innocence

    1The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)2Every Breaking Wave3California (There Is No End To Love)4Song For Someone5Iris (Hold Me Close)6Volcano7Raised By Wolves8Cedarwood Road9Sleep Like A Baby Tonight10This ...

  14. 1987【U2】The Joshua Tree - my music tunes list

    1987【U2】The Joshua Tree

    "Joshua Tree"とはアメリカ南西部の砂漠地帯に生えるユッカの樹のこと収録曲ヨシュア・トゥリーホエア・ザ・ストリーツ・ハヴ・ノー・ネイム(約束の地) - Where the Streets Have No Nameアイ・スティル・ハヴント・ファウンド・ホワット・アイム・ルッキング・フォー (終りなき旅) - I Still Haven't Found W...

  15. 1994【Sting】Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994 - my music tunes list

    1994【Sting】Fields of Gold: ...

    1. When We Dance2. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free3. Fields Of Gold4. All This Time5. Fortress Around Your Heart6. Be Still My Beating Heart7. They Dance Alone(Cueca Solo)8. If I Ever Lose My Fa...

  16. 2002【The Jeevas】1-2-3-4 - my music tunes list

    2002【The Jeevas】1-2-3-4

    Virginia" (C.Mills) – 3:30"Ghost (Cowboys in the Movies)" (C. Mills, S. Roberts, J. Winter-Hart) – 2:58"You Got My Number" (J. O'Neill) – 3:00"What Is It For?&quo...

  17. 1979【10cc】Greatest Hits 1972-1978 - my music tunes list

    1979【10cc】Greatest Hits 197...

    1.Rubber Bullets2.Donna3.Silly Love4.The Dean And I5.Life Is A Minestrone6.The Wall Street Shuffle7.Art For Art's Sake8.I’m Mandy Fly Me9.Good Morning Judge10.The Things We Do For Love11.Dread...

  18. ツイードのハンチング - Nick's Favorite things



  19. ユニオンジャックがチラリ - Nick's Favorite things


    英国ファン、モッズファンということでちょくちょく履いてるお気に入り。(靴=ベネトン 1990年代前半)

  20. *+☆.* 古典占星術・クリスチャンアストロロジー☆*.+* - オーガニックライフ

    *+☆.* 古典占星術・クリスチャンアストロロジー☆*.+*


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