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  1. Living in a tropical rain forest country - SONGS

    Living in a tropical rain f...

  2. A rainy day off's treat with praying for Nishinihon - SONGS

    A rainy day off's trea...

  3. Sunday SM Bicutan - SONGS

    Sunday SM Bicutan

  4. Quite a sushi naman for 95P each dish! Teriyaki Boy is good enogh! - SONGS

    Quite a sushi naman for 95P...

  5. Somewhere before - SONGS

    Somewhere before

  6. This week's highlight - the Nikumaru BF Homes' lunch time - SONGS

    This week's highlight ...

    ▲Looks retrospective through the Industar-69 28mm f2.8 lens but it's not.▲My wife and I were for Sushi Lunch as usual as it's always the same taste.▲Miyuki is such a greedy girl as envyin...

  7. Walking together to SM Bicutan in the evening - SONGS

    Walking together to SM Bicu...

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