1. Savage vs. Civilized (PART 1) - デンマンのブログ

    Savage vs. Civilized (PART 1)

    Savage vs. Civilized (PART 1) (nean02.jpg) (evolute03.jpg) (down11.gif) (atombomb.jpg) (down11.gif) (evolute02b.jpg) (laugh16.gif) (diane02.gif)Kato. . . Why do you suddenly bring up Savage...

  2. Call Girl Mystery (PART 1) - デンマンのブログ

    Call Girl Mystery (PART 1)

    Call Girl Mystery (PART 1)(shofu05.jpg)(vangoh22.jpg)(shofu02.jpg)(sien01.jpg)(diane02.gif)Kato. . . Did you go to Paris recently and play with a high-priced call girl?(kato3.gif)Oh no, I am such a...

  3. Mystery of Dimension(PART 1) - デンマンのブログ

    Mystery of Dimension(PART 1)

    Mystery of Dimension(PART 1)(god031.jpg)(dimanim3.gif)(dimanim6.gif)(dimanim.gif)(dimanim4.gif)(dimanim5.gif)(diane02.gif)Kato. . . , what kind of mystery is that?(kato3.gif)Diane, have you ever he...

  4. Big Mystery (PART 1) - デンマンのブログ

    Big Mystery (PART 1)

    Big Mystery (PART 1) (question8.png)(mh370a.jpg)(question.gif)(diane02.gif)Kato... What do you mean by "Big Mystery"?(kato3.gif)On the last day of July, I read the local paper, which say...

  5. Big Mystery (PART 2) - デンマンのブログ

    Big Mystery (PART 2)

    Big Mystery (PART 2)(laughx.gif)【Himiko's Monologue】(himiko22.gif)What do you think?What would you do if you happened to be on the hijacked plane?Could you fight with the hijacker?Or would you...

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