1. For my cooking Tonjiru - SONGS

    For my cooking Tonjiru

  2. At Takan Mercado - SONGS

    At Takan Mercado

  3. Groceries - SONGS


  4. Backyards - SONGS


    ▲Auto Revuenon (Tomioka) 1.7/55 (flooded one at f2.8) + Pentax K200D

  5. Walking to Takan Mercado - SONGS

    Walking to Takan Mercado

  6. Backyard - SONGS


  7. Takan Mercado before 8:30am - SONGS

    Takan Mercado before 8:30am

  8. Takan Mercado around 10am - SONGS

    Takan Mercado around 10am

  9. Choosing fruits and vegetables (Takan Mercado) - SONGS

    Choosing fruits and vegetab...

  10. Buying materials for me to cook Japanese Soup Adobo - SONGS

    Buying materials for me to ...

    ▲Taken with LeEco Le Pro 3 AI Edition with Ektacam (app) Kodak Ektachrome 100 and edited with Adobe Photoshop CS6.

  11. Family (an original of "At palengkes") - SONGS

    Family (an original of &quo...

    After all the original is the strongest. For "At palengkes" see

  12. Flowers for sale - SONGS

    Flowers for sale

  13. Overlooking Bicutan Market - SONGS

    Overlooking Bicutan Market

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