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  1. Who planted it? - SONGS

    Who planted it?

    ▲Kalimar MC 50mm f1.7 (at f1.7) + Sony NEX-C3▲Auto Revuenon (Tomioka) 1.7/55 (flooded one at f2.8) + Pentax K200D

  2. In what kind of things do you feel beauty in Manila? - SONGS

    In what kind of things do y...

  3. At a parking in BF Homes - SONGS

    At a parking in BF Homes

  4. Morning - SONGS


  5. Weeds' flowers - SONGS

    Weeds' flowers

  6. Sun Music with Yashinon-DX 35mm f2.8 - SONGS

    Sun Music with Yashinon-DX ...

  7. A shaded flower - SONGS

    A shaded flower

  8. Tiny Filipino flowers appreciated even under the clouds - SONGS

    Tiny Filipino flowers appre...

  9. Morning Sun - SONGS

    Morning Sun

  10. Somewhere before - SONGS

    Somewhere before

  11. Amasing Kyocera Finecam S3R! I remember Contax T2! - SONGS

    Amasing Kyocera Finecam S3R...

  12. Always booming in the abandoned proterty - SONGS

    Always booming in the aband...

  13. Morning Session - SONGS

    Morning Session

  14. Who fall it down? - SONGS

    Who fall it down?

  15. Panagor-E PMC Macro 28mm f2.8 Music - SONGS

    Panagor-E PMC Macro 28mm f2...

  16. Floral - SONGS


  17. sunny place - SONGS

    sunny place

  18. A Summer Morning - SONGS

    A Summer Morning

  19. If you believe it a Japanese Apricot it may be seen so...No! - SONGS

    If you believe it a Japanes...

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